Actin-Toolkit Ligand Interaction

Actin-Toolkit Ligand Interaction

Ready-to-use for instant, reliable results!

Actin-Toolkits are designed for a whole spectrum of applications. Ranging from the verification of the biological activity of a potential actin binding protein to comprehensive sets of assays characterizing its biochemical or structural properties.


Actin-Toolkits are all-in-one applications for:

  •  fail-safe handling of actin assays,
  •  saving your time and 
  •  maximizing your research efforts.

Actin-Toolkit Ligand Interaction
  • Fluorescence analysis of native G-actin complexes;
  • Works with crude cell or tissue extracts;
  • A direct quick step assay without using antibodies to proof actin-ligand interactions; 
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