Biuret Reagent
Biuret Reagent

Biuret Reagent

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Vinculin (smooth muscle, turkey) - 100 µg
Vinculin from smooth muscle with a purity of ~98%.


from 216,00 EUR
Vinculin tail
Vinculin tail from natively prepared smooth muscle vinculin is obtained by limited cleavage with protease V8. The C-terminal tail region (851-1066) binds to F-actin and was shown to bundle actin filaments in vitro. 
209,00 EUR
Vinculin (smooth muscle, turkey) - 250µg
Vinculin from smooth muscle with a purity of ~98%.


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Biotin-Actin (alpha-actin, rabbit skeletal muscle) - 2x100µg
 Biotin Actin from rabbit skeletal muscle α-Actin, >99% pure.
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Rhodamine-Actin - skeletal muscle alpha-Actin (rabbit) - 2x100µg
λex 554nm, λem 590nm

Orange fluorescent skeletal muscle α-Actin (rabbit), DOL= 0.5, >99% pure. 
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