Buffers & Staining kits

Fresh buffers are the only solutions for high protein performance!
Suitable buffers are vital for your proteins.

Buffers from Hypermol are made from analytical grade chemicals in ultrapure water, to meet your high demands. 

Here you find ready-to-use buffer with components of short shelf-life (ATP, DTT) for optimal conditions. 
As an example, the actin polymerization buffer PolyMix is supplied as a one step 10x stock solution: add 1ml of ultrapure water and mix 1:10 v/v with G-actin. PolyMix is used to dilute F-actin and ligands, providing conditions meeting the demands of in vitro works with actin filaments.

For high protein performance & convenient, time-saving bench work.  

Buffers from Hypermol are made of purest reagents in Milli-Q water, as described in our publications. 

Validated product quality with Satisfaction Guarantee! 


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