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Actin-Tookit Fluorometry - Pyrene Actin

Actin-Tookit Fluorometry - Pyrene Actin

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Gelsolin (plasma, porcine) - 2x50 µg
Plasma gelsolin is an actin severing and capping protein with a molecular mass of 83kDa, purified from porcine plasma with a purity of ~92%.


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Gelsolin bovine plasma molecule cartoon

Gelsolin from bovine plasma has a molecular mass of 83kDa and a purity of ~93%.

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Goat Anti-Mouse IgG ATTO490LS (H+L)
λex 496nm, λem 661nm          ***  very long stokes shift *** 

High affinity and strong fluorescence for multiplexing

ATTO-labeled antibodies belong to the new generation of fluorescent antibodies characterized by their exceptional fluorescence intensity and superior photostability. They are best suited for multiplex immunoassays.
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