Monoclonal Epitope Tag Antibodies

High performance - strong & long lasting fluorescence.


Epitope tag antibodies are highly specific monoclonal antibodies, now available as pure antibody or conjated with the novel ATTO dyes. Since epitope tags are frequently used with recombinant proteins for selective extraction of a target protein from e.g. cell culture samples., we offer the most renowed clones of highest purity. Our epitope tag antibodies serve as a universal detection method in applications such as immunofluorescence, western blot and ELISA. 

ATTO-labeled antibodies belong to the new generation of fluorescent antibodies characterized by their exceptional fluorescence intensity and superior photostability. For this reason they are suited for all kinds of immunofluorescence microscopy and especially for high and superresolution techniques.

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Anti-Myc ATTO647 (clone 9E10)
λex 647nm, λem 669nm

Red fluorescent Anti-Myc monoclonal antibody (clone 9E10) conjugated to ATTO647 for the detection of Myc-tags corresponding to aa 410-419 of human c-myc protein.


200 µg
329,00 EUR
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