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DOL Calculator for Labeled Protein

Enter the required values to calculate the Degree of Labeling (DOL) for your labeled protein.
If the absorption of a protein is measured at another wavelength (e.g., actin is measured at 290 nm), enter that value.

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Understanding the DOL Calculator

The Degree of Labeling (DOL) Calculator is an essential tool designed to assist researchers and scientists in the field of biochemistry, particularly those working with labeled proteins. The calculator provides a user-friendly interface to quickly determine the DOL, a critical parameter in protein labeling that indicates the average number of dye molecules attached to each protein molecule.

Key Features

Intuitive Inputs
Simply enter the absorbance measurements at 280 nm and at the dye's maximum wavelength, along with the extinction coefficients for the protein and the dye. Additionally, if your dye correction factor at 280 nm is known, you can input that as well to refine your calculation.

Automatic Calculations
Once the necessary values are inputted, the calculator processes the information to deliver the DOL value, handling the complex calculations seamlessly in the background.

Versatile Use
This tool is designed to accommodate various types of protein and dye combinations, making it a versatile companion for diverse research applications.

How It Works

Input Data
Start by entering your measured absorbance values for A280 and the dye's absorbance. Then, input the extinction coefficients for both the protein (εProtein) and the dye (εDye), along with the correction factor for the dye at 280 nm if applicable.

With all data in place, click the 'Calculate DOL' button to compute the degree of labeling. The result will be displayed immediately, offering a clear and precise DOL value.

Result Interpretation
The output DOL value helps in understanding the extent of protein labeling, guiding further experimental adjustments and interpretations.


The DOL Calculator is an invaluable tool for researchers engaged in protein labeling, providing insights that aid in the analysis and interpretation of experimental results. Whether you're optimizing labeling conditions or analyzing the outcomes, this calculator simplifies the necessary computations, allowing you to focus on the broader implications of your work.

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