More than a regulator of smooth muscle contraction.  


The name "caldesmon" derives from the greek word 'desmos' meaning binding in combination with its ability to bind to  that bundles actin filaments with its two actin-binding sites. Caldesmon is a component of the thin filament and a multifunctional protein with binding sites for actin, myosin, tropomyosin and calcium binding proteins, e.g. calmodulin. It is phosphorylated by a number of kinases. In smooth muscle caldesmon is a modulator of the actin filament activation of the myosin ATPase, motility and contractility.

Proteins from Hypermol are of validated high biological activity, as described in our publications. 

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Caldesmon - 2x50 µg
Actin filament binding, bundling protein purified from smooth muscle with a purity of >98%. 


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