G-Actin Buffers

G-Actin Buffers

Fresh buffers are the only solutions for high protein performance!
Suitable buffers are vital for your proteins.


G-actin buffers from Hypermol are made from analytical grade chemicals in ultrapure water, to meet your high demands. 

The G-actin buffer MonoMix is used e.g. to dilute G-actin, dialyse G-actin or ligands. MonoMix is supplied as a one step 50x stock solution upon reconstitution of the product with 1
ml of ultrapure water. 

G-actin itself is supplied in MonoMix, providing the buffer conditions for monomeric actin.  

 For high protein performance and convenient, time-saving bench work. 

MonoMix .1 (50x G-actin buffer with .1mM DTT)
MonoMix is a G-actin buffer for dilution of G-actin or G-actin ligands. 

Essential G-actin buffer to:
  • maintains the G-actin state;
  • used for dialysis of actin and ligands in actin assays with 0.1mM DTT;
from 23,00 EUR
CS-LSB (Cytoskeleton Low Salt Buffer)
CS-LSB is used to:
  • Washing and low salt buffering of cell lysate derived preparations;
from 82,00 EUR
GAB-P is used for Biacore SPR to:
  • support ligand binding to G-actin;
  • maintain the G-state of actin;
  • prevent denaturing of actin;
51,00 EUR
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