F-Actin Buffers

F-Actin Buffers

Fresh buffers are the only solutions for high protein performance!
Suitable buffers are vital for your proteins.

F-actin buffers from Hypermol are made from analytical grade chemicals in ultrapure water, to meet your high demands. 

Here you find ready-to-use buffer with components of short shelf-life (ATP, DTT) for optimal conditions. 
As an example, the actin polymerization buffer PolyMix is supplied as a one step 10x stock solution: add 1ml of ultrapure water and mix 1:10 v/v with G-actin. PolyMix is used to dilute F-actin and ligands, providing conditions meeting the demands of in vitro works with actin filaments.

For high protein performance & convenient, time-saving bench work.  

Buffers from Hypermol are made of purest reagents in Milli-Q water, as described in our publications. 

Validated product quality with Satisfaction Guarantee! 

KMEI Buffer (10x) - 2x1.0ml
Multipurpose buffer to:
  • use for many cytoskeletal proteins;
  • to polymerize actin;
from 26,00 EUR
F-Actin BufferKit (to modulate actin dynamics)
F-Actin BufferKit is used to:
  • polymerize G-actin to F-actin;
  • manipulate actin dynamics by varying the salt conditions;
  • prevent denaturing of actin during analysis;
59,00 EUR
CS-HSB (Cytoskeleton High Salt Buffer)
CS-HSB is used to:
  • treatment of cell lysate derived preparations under highly stringent conditions;
from 96,00 EUR
CS-LB (Cytoskeleton LysisBuffer)
CS-LB is used to:
  • prepare cell lysates for cytoskeleton research;
  • support the stability of cytoskeletal proteins;
  • prevent proteolytic degradation; 
from 128,00 EUR
CS-LSB (Cytoskeleton Low Salt Buffer)
CS-LSB is used to:
  • Washing and low salt buffering of cell lysate derived preparations;
from 82,00 EUR
CS-MSB (Cytoskeleton Medium Salt Buffer)
CS-MSB is used to:
  • washing and buffer cell lysate derived preparations;
  • support the stability of cytoskeletal proteins; 
from 82,00 EUR
FAB-P is used for Biacore SPR to:
  • support ligand binding to F-actin;
  • maintain the filamentous state of actin;
  • prevent denaturing of actin;
58,00 EUR
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