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State of the art techniques rely on the use of actin conjugated to fluorescent or other reporter molecules. They are used to characterize actin dynamics or actin-ligand interactions.
Hypermol offers a variety of actin conjugates, ranging fom skeletal muscle actin, to cardiac actin, smooth muscle actin and non-muscle actin. All of these actin proteins are available with fluorescent or other biochemical modifications.

... and if the conjugate or protein your are looking is not available here, we are happy to give you a reasonable priced quotation that will surprise you. 

We exclusively manufacture the novel ATTO Actins, with superior properties compared to known conjugates for fluorescence microscopical techniques. They are suited for all types of lower resolution fluorescence microscopy, but especially for single molecule imaging (TIRF, STED, Storm etc.) or other high resolution imaging techniques.



High purified actin and actin-conjugates 


Protein or protein fragment


Skeletal muscle actin
Cardiac actin
Smooth muscle actin
Non-muscle actin
Non-Polymerizing Actin

Actin Fluorescence Conjugates for



Actin Fluorescence Conjugates for

Pyrene-Actin (10%)
Pyrene-Actin (100%)


Other Actin Conjugates


Reliable performance: high purified actin binding proteins (ABPs)

Classification of ABPs

Protein or protein fragment

Nucleating proteins

Arp 2/3

Bundling proteins


Capping proteins




Actin sequestering proteins

Thymosin beta-4

Actin severing proteins

TL40 (Ca-insensitive Gelsolin fragment)

F-actin depolymerizing proteins


F-actin stabilizing proteins


Regulatory proteins


Motor proteins

Myosin IIMyosin S1, HMM

Focal adhesion proteins




Proteins from Hypermol are of validated high biological activity, as described in our publications. 

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Actin (porcine skeletal muscle alpha-actin) - 1.0mg
Ready-to-use α-skeletal muscle actin from rabbit.
  • Instantly soluble;
  • Fully polymerizable;
  • Highly pure;
from 164,00 EUR
1 to 20 (from a total of 128)

Actin & Actin binding proteins from Hypermol

You wish to purchase actin and actin-binding proteins? Or do you need bright and stable fluorescent actin conjugates?

Whatever solution you require: we have it !

Hypermol is your supplier for labeled and fluorescent actin. From actin 488 to near infrared, biotinylated.actin or with other biochemical modifications.
Whatever actin isoform you need, our assortment ranges from skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, non-muscle actin to our novel non-polymerizing actin.
All actin proteins are lyophilized and thus in a stable form. Upon the addition of ultrapure water a fresh actin solution is obtained, ready-to-use for many approaches.
Find out more about our assortement of actin-binding proteins from our e-shop. Actin binding proteins from Hypermol are highly purified and avaiable either in the native form isolated from tissue or are made recombinantly. Hypermol is your expert for actin und actin-binding proteins. We offer reliable products of premium quality and pride ourselves of an excellent customer service.

Buy highly purified actin, actin conjugates and ABPs (actin-binding proteins). Make no compromise about the quality of the proteins for your research. The Hypermol brand was established in 2006 and is a committed partner for research institutions and universities worldwide since.

Actin: a major protein of the cytoskeleton, a viral and bacterial invasion target

Actin filaments are not only one of the dynamic microfilament cellular structures that stabilize and organize the cytoskeleton. In its filamentous form actin is a major protein responsible for many phenomena of cell motility. Due to its various functions, the actin filament system is targeted by viruses (e.g., SARS CoV-2) and bacteria (e.g., Listeria).  It shown for example, that after binding of viruses to the cell, virus particles actively rearrange the actin cytoskeleton by regulating the FAK/Cofilin/Rac/Cdc42 pathway (Lv et al. 2019, J. Virol). While invasive bacteria like Shigella force their cell entry via the CDC42/Rac/Rho pathway, they also rearrange the actin cytoskeleton to build actin comet tails for fast spreading within the cell (Mounier et al., 1999. J. Cell Sci).

Actin-binding proteins interact in various ways with the plus- or minus ends (CapZ or gelsolin) of actin filaments either directly or associate laterally, like profilin, filamin or alpha-actinin. The ligand-actin interactions are targeted by intruders, drugs or natural compounds, leading to rearrangements of the cytoskeleton.

Cytoskeletal proteins of remarkable quality made for you by Hypermol

Choosing Hypermol as your supplier for actin and actin-binding proteins, you obtain your proteins as lyophilized powders, ready-to-use for many applications. Hypermol has developed a proprietary technique to gently lyophilize proteins while retaining the maximum biological activity. All proteins can be used for standard assays as supplied, but we recommend dialysis for highest accuracy in demanding assays.  

One of our top sellers is Pyrene-Actin, used for fluorometry or fluorimetry a sometimes referred. We manufacture 10% and 100% pyrenylated actin. While 10% Pyrene-Actin is used to measure actin polymerization and other actin dynamics, nucleation assays for instance are frequently with ≥ 20% Pyrene-Actin. This is obtained by mixing unlabelled Actin with Pyrene-Actin to the desired ratio. Using 100% Pyrene-Actin, an elegant technique is to mix it with e.g. non-muscle actin to obtain 5 or 10% pyrenylated actin, where 90-95% of the actin is non-muscle actin and the skeletal muscle becomes somehow negligible.   

Stability of actin and actin-binding proteins

Proteins are biologically active and most proteins of the cytoskeleton require sensitive handling. To preserve the activity, all protein solutions are kept at 0°C on ice. This holds especially true for G-actin, while F-actin is far longer stable on ice. Fluorescent actin and other fluorescent proteins are always kept in dark tubes and should only be exposed to light as long as necessary for handling. Hypermol manufactures fluorescent protein conjugates using the novel ATTO dyes.

Actin ATTO 488: fluorescent actin with full biological activity

You wish to purchase fluorescent actin for microscopy or multiplexing assays? We offer ATTO 488 actin and many more from various muscle sources – which can be combined with ATTO 565 and / or ATTO 647 actin.  

Modified actin and other proteins from Hypermol

You need biotinylated actin, or should it be NEM Myosin or Arp 2/3? Or would you like a custom-conjugated protein with a certain dye or label of your choice? Or do you require proteins in bulk or for high-throughput analysis? We welcome your contact at an are happy to prepare a favorable quote.

The sale of products from Hypermol is strictly limlited to research institutions and industrial partners. 
We welcome your visit to our e-shop to inform yourself about the diverse services, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our products.

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