Fluorescent Non-Polymerizing Actin (alpha skeletal muscle actin)


The Colours of Actin!

The bright way to visualize actin interactions…


ATTO-Actins are important tools for investigating actin dynamics. 

Ready-to-use fluorescent actin conjugates suited for numerous state-of-the-art techniques. ATTO-actins are used for all types of fluorescence microscopes: from epifluorescence to high resolution laser microscopy, biophysical spectroscipcal methods and biochemical applications. The novel ATTO-Actins are characterized by high photostability, strong absorption and high fluorescence quantum yields - some of several features demanded for todays imaging techniques. 
These fluorescent actin conjugates are prepared by esterification of lysine residues with activated ATTO dyes. ATTO-Actins are validated to possess the polymerization properties of native actin. 

Atto-Actins are worldwide exclusively manufactured by Hypermol.


TIRF Microscopy, FRET, Confocal Microscopy, Epifluorescence Microscopy, Biophysical Spectroscopical Techniques, Biochemical Actin Interaction Assays... 


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