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Understanding the Precision Dilution Designer

The Precision Dilution Designer is a sophisticated tool tailored for chemists and biologists who require accurate dilutions in their experimental workflows. This intuitive calculator facilitates the preparation of specific solution concentrations by precisely determining the volumes needed from two different stock solutions.

Key Features

Simplified Process
Enter the target concentration and percentage, along with the concentrations and percentages of your two stock solutions. The Precision Dilution Designer takes care of the complex calculations to provide you with exact volumes for mixing.

Immediate Results
The tool quickly computes and displays the required volumes of each solution to achieve your desired concentration, eliminating the guesswork and manual calculations.

Versatile Application
Ideal for a myriad of scientific disciplines, this tool ensures precise dilution outcomes whether you're working in biochemistry, pharmacology, environmental science, or any field that involves solution preparation.

How It Works

Input Parameters
Specify the target concentration and the desired final percentage. Then, provide the concentrations and respective percentages of your two stock solutions.

Click 'Calculate Mix' to execute the computation. The tool uses the input data to calculate the precise volumes needed from each stock solution to obtain the target dilution.

Results Interpretation
The calculated volumes are instantly displayed, allowing you to proceed with your dilution with confidence, knowing the proportions are meticulously determined.


The Precision Dilution Designer is an indispensable asset for laboratories and research facilities, streamlining the dilution process to enhance efficiency and accuracy in experimental setups and analyses. Its reliability and ease of use make it a preferred choice for professionals seeking precision in their solution preparations.


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