Alpha Skeletal Muscle Actin

Novel Kinetic and Affinity Analysis of F-Actin Ligands.

The Actin-Toolkit SPR is a unique method to analyze ligand interactions with actin filaments. The kit is available with α-actin (rabbit skeletal muscle) and bovine α-cardiac actin. The kit is used to analyze kinetics and dissociation constants of ligands binding to F-actin, as well as actin filament bundling or branching induced . 

The analysis of pharmacological compounds, proteins or lipids altering ligand-F-actin interaction, can be analyzed by user-specific methods (e.g. various types of spectroscopy, NMR, EPR, ) or by high speed centrifugation followed by SDS-PAGE analysis and/or immunoblot analysis.


Actin-Toolkits are all-in-one applications for:

  •  fail-safe handling of actin assays,
  •  saving your time and 
  •  maximizing your research efforts.

Actin-Toolkit SPR (alpha skeletal muscle actin)
  • Kinetic and affinity analysis of F-actin binding ligands, specifically binding to α-skeletal muscle actin.
  • Ready-to-use.

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