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Actin Conjugates...
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State of the art techniques rely on the use of actin conjugates to characterize actin dynamics or actin-ligand interactions. Hypermol offers a variety of actin conjugates.

We exclusively manufacture the novel Atto-Actins, with superior properties compared to known conjugates for fluorescence microscopical techniques. They are suited for all types of fluorescence microscopy, including single molecule imaging (TIRF, STED etc.) or other high resolution imaging techniques.


Proteins from Hypermol are of validated high biological activity, as described in our publications. 

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Biotin-Actin (alpha-actin, rabbit skeletal muscle) - 2x100µg
 Biotin Actin from rabbit skeletal muscle α-Actin, >99% pure.
162,00 EUR
Rhodamine-Actin - skeletal muscle alpha-Actin (rabbit) - 2x100µg
Orange fluorescent skeletal muscle α-Actin (rabbit), DOL= 0.5, >99% pure. 
185,00 EUR
NBD-Actin - 1.0mg
Ready-to-use, highly labelled NDB-conjugated actin from α-skeletal muscle. Instantly soluble, fully polymerizable and highly pure (~99% pure acc. to scanning densitometry).  
214,00 EUR
TMR-Actin (alpha-actin, rabbit skeletal muscle) - 500 µg
Ready-to-use TMR-Actin from α-skeletal muscle actin. Instantly soluble, unpolymerizable up to 25mg/ml, highly pure (~99% pure acc. to scanning densitometry).
313,00 EUR
Biotin-Actin (alpha-cardiac actin, bovine cardiac muscle) 2x100µg
 Biotin Actin from cardiac muscle, >99% pure.
219,00 EUR
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