Fluorescent Actin-Conjugates

Rhodamine-actin conjugates are tools for investigating cytoskeleton dynamics. This fluorescent conjugates are prepared by labelling lysine residues of actin with activated esters of rhodamine dyes. Rhodamine actins have been widely used in fluorescence microscopical studies.

Due to the superior features of modern fluorescence dyes characterized e.g. by significantly higher photostability, conjugates like
Atto-actins are by far more suitable for these applications.


Confocal Microscopy, Epifluorescence Microscopy, Biochemical Ligand Interaction Assays

Rhodamine-Actin - skeletal muscle alpha-Actin (rabbit) - 2x100µg
λex 554nm, λem 590nm

Orange fluorescent skeletal muscle α-Actin (rabbit), DOL= 0.5, >99% pure. 
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