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Myosin II is selectively prepared from fast muscle only. All Myosin products from Hypermol are supplied as highly purified and soluble proteins. Myosin II, Myosin S1, NEM-Myosin. * Hypermol - Your specialist for Cytoskeleton & Protein Research Tools *. Products for Research in Life-Sciences.
Speedy Motors: Fast Muscle Myosin Products.  


Myosin II is specifically prepared from fast muscle only. This native myosin II is supplied as a highly purified protein as a lyophilzed powder with very good solubility.

NEM-Myosin II (inactivated motor activity at high actin binding activity) and Myosin S1 are prepared from fast muscle myosin of identical quality as Myosin II.

Myosin,  myosin S1 and  heavy meromyosin (HMM) are supplied in a stable form as lyophilized proteins. They are ready-to-use and fully functional after reconstitution.  

if you are looking for actomyosin or smooth muscle myosin (sm-myosin) - please contact us any time.

We also offer suitable buffers for your research involving myosin:
Motor Mix I & Motor Mix II are used to maintain either the soluble or insoluble (filamentous or aggregated) state of myosin II and protect the myosin from denaturing...

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Proteins from Hypermol are of validated high biological activity, as described in our publications. 

Validated product quality with Satisfaction Guarantee!

Myosin II (rabbit, m. psoas) - 2x100µg
Ready-to-use myosin from rabbit m. psoas ("fast muscle myosin"), ~95% pure.

2x100 µg
134,00 EUR
Myosin II (rabbit, m. psoas) - 1.0mg
Ready-to-use myosin from rabbit m. psoas ("fast muscle myosin"), ~98% pure.

1.0 mg
177,00 EUR
Heavy Meromyosin (HMM) - 2x100µg
Ready-to-use Heavy Meromyosin HMM from rabbit skeletal muscle. Instantly soluble with a purity of ~96%. 
2x100 µg
293,00 EUR
MotorMix II (for Myosin II ) - 100ml
High ionic strength buffer for soluble myosin II. DTT and ATP are additionally provided with the buffer to be freshly added before use.
89,00 EUR
MotorMix I (for Myosin II filaments) - 100ml
Physiological buffer to maintain or induce myosin II filaments. DTT and ATP are provided with the buffer to be freshly added before use. 
86,00 EUR
CryoProtect HS plus DTT (liquid freezing medium) - 10ml
CryoProtect is used for long-term storage of myosin and NEM-Myosin at -20°C, with maximum preservation of biological activity. Ready-to-use. 
50ml ( +122,00 EUR )
77,00 EUR
1 to 8 (from a total of 8)