Arp2/3 & VCA-GST

Arp 2/3 protein complex, pure; Mw: 224 kDa. Pointed end capping and F-actin branching seven-subunit protein complex, with a strong nucleation upon activation by VCA-domain. 
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The complex machinery.  


Arp2/3 is the natively prepared seven subunit complex. It is supplied as a highly purified and soluble protein complex and is ready-to-use.

The Arp2/3 protein complex is shipped  in a stable form as lyophilized protein, fully functional after reconstitution.  

Proteins from Hypermol are of validated high biological activity, as described in our publications. 

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VCA-GST (human recombinant WAVE VCA-domain, GST-tagged) - 250µg
Arp2/3 activating human WAVE VCA-domain (>95% purity).


250 µg
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