Profilin protein, pure; Mw: 15kDa. Profilin binds to monomeric actin by occupying an actin-actin interaction site. As a result, profilin sequesters actin from the G-actin pool. Profilin catalyzes the exchange of actin-bound ADP to ATP. This converts less polymerizable ADP-actin into fast polymerizable ATP-actin. Since profilin has a significantly higher affinity for ATP- than for ADP-actin. Actin sequestering protein, human recombinant (untagged), AA 1-140.* Hypermol - Your specialist for Cytoskeleton & Protein Research Tools * Products for Research in Life-Sciences.

Profilin Interactions: G-actin, F-actin ...  


Profilin binds to actin monomers, the barbed end of actin filaments and seems to play a role in mRNA splicing in the nucleus.  It is supplied as a highly purified and soluble protein, ready-to-use.
Profilin is supplied in a stable form as lyophilized protein, fully functional after reconstitution.  

Proteins from Hypermol are of validated high biological activity, as described in our publications. 

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Profilin (human recombinant) - 2x50µg
Actin sequestering protein, human recombinant (untagged), AA 1-140, with a purity of >95%. Lyophilized.
2x50 µg
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