Actin-Toolkit Fluorometry

Actin-Toolkit Fluorometry

Accountable Actin Dynamics.

Ready-to-use, for instant & reliable results!

The Actin-Toolkit Fluorometry is used to determine the polymerization and depolymerization reaction of actin by measuring the fluorescence of pyrenyl conjugated actin. It is used to analyze the interaction of actin with ligands or other components affecting polymerization or depolymerization.

Most frequently, the Actin-Toolkit Fluorometry is used to measure the effect on actin polymerization of purified ligands, but also on cell- or tissue-extracts.  

The reliable tool for investigating actin dynamics:

The Actin-Toolkit Fluorometry is equipped with all components needed for measuring Actin dynamics:  polymerization, depolymerization, nucleation etc.., as you will read in the product description.

The figure on the left shows a fluorometrical analysis of polymerization kinetics of skeletal muscle actin (red) vs. smooth muscle actin (black) and depolymerization of skeletal muscle actin (yellow) vs. smooth muscle actin (green). 

Actin-Toolkits are all-in-one applications for:

  •  fail-safe handling of actin assays,
  •  saving your time and 
  •  maximizing your research efforts.

Actin-Tookit Fluorometry (alpha actin, skeletal muscle - pyrene-actin)
  • Kinetic analysis of purified ligands, cell or tissue extracts on polymerization or depolymerization of actin;

  • Determination of sensitivity to divalent cations or pharmacological compounds during polymerization or depolymerization; 

  • Measurement of F-actin severing effects of purified ligands, cell or tissue extracts at steady-state;


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