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Nitrocellulose Hypermol
High quality nitrocellulose Protein Blotting Membrane (3m x30 cm) and Jet Stain developing solution for alkaline phosphatase.
342,00 EUR
JetStain (Alkaline phosphatase reagent)

The fast & smart alternative to chemiluminescence reagents.

Fast, intense and permanent staining of immunoblots using alkaline phosphatase.


97,00 EUR
Nitrocellulose - Protein Blotting Membrane
High quality nitrocellulose Protein Blotting Membrane (3m x30 cm, 0.45µm).
219,00 EUR
LuMaXx (Chemiluminescence Reagent)
Enhanced chemiluminescence detection of proteins in the picogram range.


134,00 EUR
Ponceau S Solution - Reversible Blot Staining Solution, 500 ml
Ready-to-use concentrate solution for reversible staining with Ponceau-S of nitrocellulose membranes after blotting.
52,00 EUR
Alkaline Phosphatase Buffer is designed for use with alkaline phosphatase based detection systems on nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes.
55,00 EUR
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