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Welcome to Hypermol's suite of precision scientific calculators, specifically designed to enhance accuracy and efficiency in your research and laboratory tasks. Our tools, including the "DirectUV Protein Quantifier," are crafted to provide reliable, user-friendly computational assistance tailored to the needs of professionals in the scientific community.


DirectUV Protein Quantifier

Enter the direct UV absorbance measured, the molar extinction coefficient, and the molecular weight to calculate your protein concentration.


The protein concentration is: 0 mg/ml




DirectUV Protein Quantifier by Hypermol®

Our DirectUV Protein Quantifier allows you to quickly calculate the protein concentration from direct UV absorbance measurements. By inputting the absorbance (e.g. at 280nm) alongside the specific molar extinction coefficient and the molecular weight of your protein, you can accurately determine its concentration in your solution.

This tool is designed for versatility, accommodating a wide range of proteins by allowing you to specify different molar extinction coefficients and molecular weights. Whether you're working with antibodies, enzymes, or any other proteins, our calculator adapts to your specific needs, providing you with precise concentration values to inform your experimental decisions.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface: Our calculator simplifies complex calculations, offering you a straightforward tool that requires minimal input while delivering comprehensive results.
  • Customization: Input the molar extinction coefficient and molecular weight that correspond to your protein of interest, ensuring precise calculations tailored to your research.

At Hypermol®, we are dedicated to supporting the scientific community with high-quality tools and resources. Our calculators are meticulously developed by experts to ensure accuracy and reliability. We invite you to explore the capabilities of the DirectUV Protein Quantifier and experience how it can streamline your research workflows and enhance your laboratory productivity.

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