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Non-Muscle Actin - 200 µg
Ready-to-use non-muscle actin (β/γ) from porcine brain is instantly soluble, fully polymerizable and highly pure (~99% pure acc. to scanning densitometry). 


from 184,00 EUR
Profilin (human recombinant) - 2x50µg
Actin sequestering protein, human recombinant (untagged), AA 1-140, with a purity of >95%. Lyophilized.
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Anti-Mouse IgG f(ab) ATTO647N (H+L)
λex 645nm, λem 669nm     

High affinity and strong fluorescence 

ATTO-labeled, highly pure f(ab) fragments belong to the next generation fluorescent antibodies, characterized by their exceptional fluorescence intensity and superior photostability.

184,00 EUR