Biotin Actin

Biotin Actin-Conjugates 

Ready-to-use, instant solubility.

Biotin-actin conjugates are used to investigate actin interactions in-vitro assays.
Biotin-actin from skeletal or cardiac muscle α-actin are prepared by labelling lysine residues of actin with activated Biotin-esters. The advantage of this Biotin-actin is the non-cleavable 22 angstroms spacer arm, making the protein readily available for detection. 


Elisa asays, Motility assays, Microinjection, Pull-down assays... 

Biotin-Actin (alpha-actin, rabbit skeletal muscle) - 2x100µg
 Biotin Actin from rabbit skeletal muscle α-Actin, >99% pure.
174,00 EUR
Biotin-Actin (alpha-cardiac actin, bovine cardiac muscle) 2x100µg
 Biotin Actin from cardiac muscle, >99% pure.
212,00 EUR
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