Alpha Cardiac Actin


Filaments, Bundles & Networks.

The Actin-Toolkits F-Actin Binding is available with α-actin (rabbit skeletal muscle) and bovine α-cardiac actin. The kit is used to investigate interactions with actin, as well as actin filament bundling or network formation by ligands. 

The analysis of pharmacological compounds, proteins or lipids altering ligand-F-actin interaction, can be analyzed by user-specific methods (e.g. various types of spectroscopy, NMR, EPR, ) or by high speed centrifugation followed by SDS-PAGE analysis and/or immunoblot analysis.


Actin-Toolkits are all-in-one applications for:

  •  fail-safe handling of actin assays,
  •  saving your time and 
  •  maximizing your research efforts.

Actin-Toolkit F-Actin Binding (alpha cardiac actin)
  • Characterization and analysis of F-actin binding proteins interacting with alpha-cardiac actin.
  • Ready-to-use. 

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